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Running from my Sins

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1Running from my Sins Empty Running from my Sins on Tue Dec 01, 2009 6:41 pm


Literature FREAK
Literature FREAK
It's World War II. Everything in your polish hometown is destroyed. You feel a malicious burning inside, like you want to kill those Nazis that took away your family and all that you were ever proud of. You and a few friends go on a journey-a journey that will change your lives. This is...
The Characters to roleplay;
Elizabeth-The runner of the organization, taken by me
Jonathan-Liz's right hand man and secret lover, taken by WebkinzGirl500
Autumn-The tactical battle planner, open
Ty-Runner of the Messenger wing, open
Kayla-The bait girl, open
Freya-The sexy female that brings Nazis out into the open to be killed, taken by WebkinzGirl500
Adolf Hitler-The leader of the German Nazis, taken by WebkinzGirl500
Benito Mussolini-The leader of the Italians, open
Tojo Hideki-Prime minister of Japan, open
President Delano Roosevelt-President of the United States, open
Edouard Daladier-Prime minister of France, taken by WebkinzGirl500
Josef Stalin-dictator of Russia, open
Cara Jones-a little jewish girl in a concentration camp, taken by WebkinzGirl500
Your username:
Character you want:
Character personality: Yes, you can choose this!

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2Running from my Sins Empty Re: Running from my Sins on Wed Dec 09, 2009 4:00 pm


Your username: WebkinzGirl500
Character you want: Adolf Hitler, Freya, Jonathan, and Edouard Daladier. I also want to make a innocent Jewish girl in a concentration camp, Cara Jones.
Why: Edouard because I'm learning French soo....yeah. Adolf cuz last year we studied the brutalities of the concentration camps and stufff....and that's for Cara too...and the rest cuz I fell like it.
Character personality: Yes, you can choose this! but I don't wanna!!!

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