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The Darkening Is Near......

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1 The Darkening Is Near...... on Tue Jan 11, 2011 9:16 pm

Maturity: High: All
Fantasy: Vampire's, Witch's and werewolf's

The Darkening is Near….
Chapter One….

Anna was walking leisurely to her dark, dreary apartment, which some how she loved to see at night. Anna was wearing a black hoodie, the hood covered her face lightly as she slumped over slightly, Anna was also wearing a purple T-Shirt, and black skinny jeans that she had bought at Forever Eternal, and It was her favorite store in the small town of Helena, Virginia. Anna was wearing her favorite pair of black and purple converse that night. The moon was high in the sky, as she walked home that night sad in a twisted way in which she loved to be in. She didn’t like the day time always, but loved when the sun went down, she stayed at home all day and when the sun would set she would head to where ever she needed to do. In her world she was a happy-go-lucky girl for her age and how she lived among her kind at night. But that night it was different for her it was more suspiciously dark, more than any other night when she grabbed her keys out of her purse and unlocked the door. She could smell someone not of her way, not of her light sensing ability’s, this person, or thing was of more power over her. She set her purse on the black air chair as she took a step in to the door and closed it. She locked it quickly and her senses were stronger, hearing every breath of them except they did not breath. They were of her world, a vampire was the only thing that it could be or an Elder but that was also impossible to find her here living among human’s she would be shunned from the world of her kind, but she needed them to survive. She found the light switch and gasped inside her head. “What are you doing here?” She asked the person behind the far black pillar that lead to her bedroom.
“No the question is what are you doing living among humans? I could so easily report you to my father you know.” I said stepping from behind the pillar my long black hair lightly curling around my waist. I repositioned my black hoodie so that the two pockets were in the middle of my stomach. I looked at Anna and smirked lightly “How did you not know I was coming Anna? I left you a note.” I said to her walking lightly on my toes over to Anna, as the white light shone on my pale skin.
Anna sighed. “I never got your note.” Anna said looking at Hailey, she had gotten it but she didn’t want to remember what that note had said. She moved her purse from the chair and sat down propping her legs up on the black ottoman that matched the chair. She sighed, “What Do you want Jade?” Anna asked again.
“Just to see my awesome friend!” I replied walking over to Anna’s black couch and sitting down smiling lightly as I turned to her.
“No it’s not and I know it.” Anna said looking at Hailey’s mind, slightly snooping thought her mind.
“Ok Your right it’s not. My dad…He wants’ to speak with you….personally.” I said looking at the ground sadly.
Anna looked at Hailey scared slightly. “Crap what did I do know??” Anna asked herself out load.
* * *
James walked up the small hill, smiling as he looked up at the stars. When he got to the top he sat down and smiled, He loved living in the slight country, away from lights and things. He lay down and used his arms to prop him up as he stared into the night sky, with his lantern hanging on a gnomon he had set up on the top of that same hill five years earlier. He smiled as he sank through the hill top and landed on his couch. He smiled one more time before falling asleep.
* * *
Anna stood in front of huge black wood doors. SHe breathed in and pushed them lightly, opening them. She sighed and walked into the office, were Jade's father sat, in his red leather chair.
"Auh, Anna...I was wondering if my daughter would bring you like I asked, or not." Kade said in a deep voice smiling. He turned his chair around, to look at Anna. "How embarrassing, Sit, Sit and make yourself at home." Kade smiled again.
Anna glared at him. She sat down in a brown wooden chair that was facing his dark mahogany desk. "What do you want?" Anna asked. She looked at Kade, who was a brood shouldered man, with jet black hair, with grey side burns. He was sitting tall and proud in his chair, He was an Elder. He was to be respected by all who meet, or know of him.
"You know exactly what I called you in here for. You just don't want to repeat it." He said smirking lightly. "You deliberately disobeyed the laws of the Night World, by mixing with vermin, You live with them, and are amongst them everyday. I and a few other Elder's, have been talking and we came to a conclusion ." Kade said standing up. He turned from Anna to look out the window.
"I don't want to here it, You'll probably just say that I need to move back to the island. Well I'm not." Anna said standing up and walking out of the tall ceilinged four tall windowed office. "Good Day!" Anna said slamming the double doors behind her. She sighed and walked out of the tall building.


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