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Baccano/Death Note Minific- M/N Brotherly Bonding moment

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Literature FREAK
Literature FREAK
M/N Brotherly Moment

Based off of Czes and Maiza’s moment in Baccano!

Wolf Tag based ficlet

1930, return of the transcontinental train the Flying Pussyfoot

“Ah hah! L, Matt, and Mello!” Liz greeted as she bounded towards the three, eagerly embracing Matt as she met him. “Long time no see my fine fellows!”

“You look wonderful,” Jay purred as he embraced L, before pulling back to study the bigger male.

“What happened to you two?” Matt asked Liz and Jay. “You look like hell ran you over.”

“You live long enough, Mattie, and someday I’ll tell you the story!”

Meanwhile, Mello’s golden ears pricked as he heard the sound of luggage being set on the ground, and he turned to face Near, who looked out at the others with uncertainty.

“Oh, Mattie, this boy’s name is Near,” Jay introduced the albino.

“We were thinking you could take him in as your little brother, so then you’d both have someone!” taking Jay’s hand, Liz grinned. “Young Near can be, our gift to you!”

“Our gift to you!” Jay echoed, also grinning widely. Approaching the younger wolf-shifter, Matt grinned.

“Hello Near,” he greeted softly.

“Oh, hello,” the younger replied, tail slowly swishing from side to side.

“Near.” Near’s black ears twitched at the sound of his name as he noticed Mello.

“Mello.” as the blonde approached Near, Liz and Jay backed off.

“Do you think they know each other, Jay?” Liz whispered not-too-quietly to Jay.

“I think so, he did say he was coming to meet someone...” her dark haired male counterpart whispered back.

I came to this city to devour this wolf, Near thought as he looked up at the blonde. Now he’s going to put his right hand on top of my head and devour me...go on, reach your right hand out towards Mello...right as he started to extend his hand, Mello placed a gloved hand on Near’s head and gently rubbed behind his ear. What’s he doing? It’s a trick, he’s pretending to be kind! It’s just a trap so he can devour me later...

“It’s alright, Near,” Mello told him softly.

Don’t believe him...

“Hey, come on, it’s just like old times.”

“But Mello,” Near whimpered, looking up at him, eyes filled with tears. Things can never be like they were before. It’s already set in motion...moving forward, he wrapped his arms around Mello’s waist and buried his face in his stomach as he sobbed. “I missed you! I missed you so much, Mello...”

“Mhm!” Liz and Jay exclaimed as their hypothesis was proven correct.

*ahem* The quote a long story.
Grell: I wanna have your babies. *grin*
Ciel: *jumps up* No, I WANNA HAVE YOUR BABIES!

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