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Love Never Dies * A Ferard Fan Fic*

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1Love Never Dies * A Ferard Fan Fic* Empty Love Never Dies * A Ferard Fan Fic* on Sat Dec 24, 2011 3:53 pm

Frank looked and looked. Where the fuck was that phone of his. Damn phone where was it? He sighed and flipped his pillow over, there it was, ringing on full volume. He did not bother to answer it, he knew who it was, and why they were calling. He pushed his phone into his front pocket, and flipped his pillow back over, getting up off his mattress that laid on the ground, that served as a bed, and exited his bedroom, shutting the door. He rubbed behind his dog Picket's ears, grabbed his keys off the key rack right beside his front door, to his apartment, and left. He remembered to lock the door, and ran down the stairs. Damn it He'd forgotten his bag. He ran back up the black metal stairs, unlocked his door, grabbed his messenger bag full of papers and a few 1-inch binders, pulled it over his shoulder, and ran back through the door, locked it again, and ran down the metal stairs to his Kia. He unlocked his car, threw the bag in the backseat, and started up the small black Kia. He smiled, and drove to starbucks, might as well get coffee, he was already late to his job what's a few more minutes with his students with out a teacher.
He parked his car in the parking lot, grabbed his coffee, turned the car off, grabbed his messenger bag, and shut both doors. He locked his car, and pulled the bag over his shoulder as he walked though the Band Hall door. His students were sitting in the hall along the walls. They rejoiced, and stood up, grabbing their backpacks. Frank smiled, and unlocked the first door to the band hall, then the second one and turned on all the lights. He went back to open the Tuba room doors, and his own office. He put his bag down in his chair, and went and opened up a few of the practice rooms, before walking out into the band hall, coffee cup in hand, sitting down behind his podium, that had that days music they they would work on in all three bands,and Drum Line. He breathed out, and smiled, sipping his coffee waiting for his students to get situated and ready go. He turned when he heard his name called. "Mr. Iero..." Frank smiled gently, pulling his cup to his lips. "Morning, John..." Frank said breathing out, pushing his hair away from his face, so he could actually see Mr. Engle, the High School that Frank worked at as the Band Director, the Principal. Frank smiled big again, but frowned. He then realized that He had forgotten to put his hoodie on that morning so All of his Tattoos were showing. Frank set his cup down, and walked into his office, pulling his hoodie over his head, taking the lip ring out, and putting in the fish wire, and did the same for his nose. He sighed, and fixed his hair, walking back into the Band Hall.

John Engle smiled gently. "That's better..." He said. "I thought We talked about you being late...." John said looking down at Frank, his eyebrow raised. Frank sighed. "I know....I was looking for my phone this morning, I couldn't find it. I looked all over, till I looked under my pillow, and there it was..." Frank said sighing. John shook his head and sighed. "Alright....Just it's a bad habit about being late, Mr. Iero..." John said as he left the band hall and disappeared behind the double doors at the end of the hall way. Frank sighed, and went back to his seat behind the podium. "Mmk...Everyone have thier "Movement 2" out?" Frank asked as he shuffled through some papers. Some nodded, and some moved slightly over so that they could see their friends music. Frank sighed, and turned the Metronome on to 166, the tempo they played and marched to it outside. He smiled. He loved Marching season, but it was so long, and tiresom. He breathed out, and and counted them off, and they started. He let them play the entire movement with step outs, before he went back and told the trumpets he wanted to hear measures 24 -32 with step outs. Something was going wrong in the trumpet section that he didn't like.

Later on that day they had marching practice from 3:30-5:30, and Frank stood up with with Ray and Jeph. Ray Toro was the marching director, Jeph Howard the assistant Band Director. He let Ray do whatever, and watched as he directed the Band what to do. They weren't using thier instruments just yet because they needed to learn all thier sets, and make sure they knew were to go, and how many steps they needed to take inbewteen sets. Frank stood their smiled as the Color Guard came out around 4:25 and joined the band. Quinn was on the First level of the Large tower that overlooked the Marching Feild, making sure the Color Guard was standing quietly, making sure they moved and did their stuff while the Band was learning thier sets, so that the Guard could learn theirs as well.

Quinn Allman was the Color Guard instructer, but he was also openly gay. Frank knew about that, but he wasn't about to walk up to Quinn and be like "Hey.....I'm gay to...." and shit like that no way. Frank had never had a boyfriend before, and he wasn't going to start with Quinn. He wasn't ready to call himself gay yet so he stuck with Bi. He looked up when Ray tapped his shoulder. "Yeah?" Frank asked, pushing his hair from his face. " Instruments or no?" Ray asked, looking over to the kids that were sipping water on the side lines. Frank sighed. "Instruments...We'll run Movement 1 and I want the Wind Ensemble kids, and Smphonic if they can, to play..." Frank said pulling his beaning over his head, it was getting windy. Ray nodded, and turned the headset back on. He told the kids what to do, and they set up with Instruments in set 8.

*After Marching Practice*

Frank walked back towards the band hall to get his Messenger bag, so he could go home. He sighed, pulled off his beanie, and entered his office, scooped up his bag in his hand, and shut the light off. He walked out of the office, and locked it, leaving the Band Hall. He walked outside, and pulled the beanie back on, and unlocked his car. He opened the drivers seat, and sat down tossing the bag into the Passengers seat. He breathed out, shut the door, and started up his car, left the parking lot and headed home.

Frank pulled up into his ussual parking space, and smiled. Home, at last. He got out, shuvved the bag underneath the front seat, and shut his door, locking the car. He walked up slowly the 2 flights of stairs to his appartment. He took a left, and stopped at his door, unlocking the door. He could hear from the other side that Picket was barking and scratching at the door. "Move, Picket..." Frank said as he opened the door, slipping inside, so that Picket wouldn't run out. "You wonna go outside?" Frank asked, dropping to his knees to scratch behind his dog's ears. He grabbed Picket's black retractable leach off it's hook, and clipped it to his collar, opening up the door. He sighed as he walked back down the stairs, and into a grassy little "feild" where Picket could do his buisness. Frank smiled as Picket ran around, and rolled around in the grass. "Come on, Picket....I don't have all day..." Frank said sighing. Picket did his buisness, and came running back to Frank, leaping through the slightly tall grass. Frank laughed as he watched him jump. Frank started heading back to the stairs, Picket trailing behind him.

As Frank was opening the door to his appartment, his alarm clock started going off. Frank groaned, and let Picket off his leash shut the door, put the leash on the rack, and went to go turn his alarm off. He opened the door to his bedroom, and Picket immediatly ran in and jumped up on Frank's bed matress, and rolled around on the sheets, then laid down. Frank shook his head, and picked up his Clock, and shut the alarm off. He pulled his hoodie over his head after he set the clock down, and tossed the hoodie on his desk. He shook his hair out, and kicked off his shoes, putting them in the closet. He took off his School Dry fit Band shirt, and pulled on a Black Flag T-shirt, it felt better to be in a T-shirt. He smiled, and undid his belt, hanging it up. He took off his nice slacks and pulled on some holey black jeans, and a diffrent belt that had silver studs on it. He smiled, and pulled on some regular black and white Converse, grabbed his keys, and pulled his hoodie back on. He left his beanie on his bed, and walked out of his appartment.

He went downstairs and got in his car, driving towards Starbucks. Once he got there, he walked up into the line, and ordered his ussual coffee, and sat down at a table near a window, and sighed. He was so tired, why did he become a Band Director? Why not an art Teacher or somthing...Oh well..Frank, out of the blue, was knocked out of his chair onto the ground flat on his face. "Ow! What the fuck?" Frank slightly yelled, looking up at his attacker. Of course, it was Bob Bryar. "Only you, would assult me at Starbucks...." Frank said shaking his head getting up. Bob looked down at him and laughed. "Sorry....Didn't mean to push you that hard.." Bob said sratching his head. He sighed, and took the other seat across from where Frank had been sitting. Frank sat back down in his seat. Bob was Frank's only real friend besides Ray and Jeph. Frank breathed out, and took a sip of his coffee. "What's up Bob?" Frank asked, pushing some of his bangs out of his face. Bob breathed out. "You know that guy I was telling you about? The Art teacher?" Bob asked squinting as the sun came and shined in his face. Frank nodded. "What about him?" Frank asked setting the cup down. Bob smiled. "He works at your school....his name's Gerard Way..." Bob said breathing out. "One of the kids I teach drums to is in one of his art classes, says he's really cool, for a art teacher..." Bob said smiling, wiggling his eye brows towards Frank. Frank blushed. "I'll ask Ray and Jeph if they know him....maybe I've seen him before, just don't know his name..." Frank said breathing out. Bob nodded. "I'm gonna go but you need to meet this guy, could be something special, there Frankie.." Bob said getting up, and patting Frank on the back as he left Starbucks, leaving Frank sitting alone once again at his table.

Love Never Dies * A Ferard Fan Fic* Funny_10Love Never Dies * A Ferard Fan Fic* Tumblr_lfeoi86r4E1qbw3y0Love Never Dies * A Ferard Fan Fic* Tumblr_lfeolaMbmN1qbw3y0Love Never Dies * A Ferard Fan Fic* Tumblr_lfcqh1oFYD1qd9dp9
Love Never Dies * A Ferard Fan Fic* DqEd << Click it please !! >>
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2Love Never Dies * A Ferard Fan Fic* Empty Re: Love Never Dies * A Ferard Fan Fic* on Sat Dec 24, 2011 3:55 pm

Frank walked up to the Band Hall door and opened it. He breathed out, threw his Messenger bag in the office, and went to the Mandatory teacher's meeting. He sipped his coffee in his hand lightly, and breathed out. He hoped that he would meet Gerard Way today, the guy he'd never heard of till yesterday, from Bob. He breathed out and entered the Auditorium, and walked down the steps a while till he sat in a random seat. He looked around the large room, most of the teachers he'd seen and met where already there. He wished that Bob had shown him a picture of Gerard before that morning. He sighed, and sulked down in his seat, playing with the fibers of the seat next to him. Frank pulled his legs up as a man walked infront of him, trying to get past him. "Sorry..." Frank said as he looked up to see this man. The man looked down at Frank, and frowned. "No...I'm sorry....I should have said excuse me, before just kinda running into your legs...granted I wasn't watching where I was going...." The man said sitting down a chair down from Frank's. "I'm Gerard Way...i'm one of the two art teachers here." Gerard said smiling, holding his hand out to Frank for him to shake. Frank's eyes widned. This was Gerard? He was more that what Frank had thought about all night...Frank had dreamed about meeting this mysterious Gerard Way the Art teacher down the hall apparently. Frank shook his hand, and smiled. "I'm Frank Iero....I'm the Head band Director....Jeph and Ray should be here soon....." Frank said looking around the room. "I know Jeph....He's been a friend of mine sence....3rd grade? Yeah.....It was weird when he decided to become a Band Director....he'd never talked about it before...." Gerard said shrugging lighlty. Frank was at shock. Why hadn't Jeph ever told him about Gerard? Weird....Oh well..
Gerard smiled. He secretly ,from the corner of his eye, inspected Frank. He smiled secretly into his jacket. He was cute...It was weird because Gerard hadn't come out of the closet fully yet...He only thought he was Bi. He wasn't about to tell that to Frank though. First time meeting the guy not gonna come right out and say I'm Bi...No fucking way...
Frank looked over at Gerard when he saw him looking at himself. Frank blushed lightly, and turned his head away, he had found himself staring at Gerard for that split second. He knew it wouldn't be his last time to do so...Frank looked up at the screens when the lights started to dim, and John appeared before them on the stage. "Hello Faculty....You've been called here because you all have 9th grade Advisory classes....."
* After the long drawn out meeting of John speeking..*
Frank and Gerard walked out of the auditorium talking. They ended up talking all the way back to Gerard's class room. Frank smiled, and stood in the door way. "So.....I was wondering...Do you like coffee??" Frank asked smiling lightly.
Gerard looked up from his desk. He nodded. "Of Course.....I'm addicted to it....My brother got me started a few years back....I love it now....." Gerard said smiling.
Frank was glad. "Awesome! Um.....I was wondering...You wonna get some coffee somtime or somthing?" Frank asked smiling lightly.
Gerard nodded, and smiled. "Sure....It's a --" then he stopped himself from saying the last word. He slapped his hand over his mouth. "I didn't mean to say that....I'm sorry...." Gerard said blushing as he looked away from Frank.
Frank had been suprised Gerard had almost said that. "No...It's okay.....Um.....I'm actually....Bi...." Frank said. Might as well say it while the almost saying of "It's a date" was still in the air.. Frank looked down at his shoes.
Gerard looked up at Frank. "Really? me..too..." Gerard said breathing out.
Frank cleared his throat. "So....Coffee?" Frank asked as he tried to avoid the subject it was weird to talk about.
Gerard nodded. "Yeah..Tommrow Morning at the Starbucks down the street?" Gerard asked as he wrote it down.
Frank nodded, and

Love Never Dies * A Ferard Fan Fic* Funny_10Love Never Dies * A Ferard Fan Fic* Tumblr_lfeoi86r4E1qbw3y0Love Never Dies * A Ferard Fan Fic* Tumblr_lfeolaMbmN1qbw3y0Love Never Dies * A Ferard Fan Fic* Tumblr_lfcqh1oFYD1qd9dp9
Love Never Dies * A Ferard Fan Fic* DqEd << Click it please !! >>
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