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*swearing* "The Point" *swearing*

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1 *swearing* "The Point" *swearing* on Sat Jan 15, 2011 4:35 pm


What's the point?
No one cares about me.
They tell me,
"Go rot in a hole."
Maybe I should.
There's no point to living
any longer.
There's no point.
If there is one,
show me the goddamn thing!
Maybe it'll help me get through
this fucking painful life that I have.

That was back then.
Now there is a point.
He came and changed me
and my life.
I found the point.
Now I need to hold
it close, and
treasure it forever.
I found my point.
Have you found yours?

[ IDK, I was really bored. XD So I wrote a stupid, really bad poem. =p]

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